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GPS Tracked Patrols
Video/Audio Recording
Automated - Real-time
Electronic Reporting
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This is what your Automated report looks like when you recieve it via email
Re-Time live vehicle tracking of all patrol officers. Each vehicles activities are recored and can be played back at anytime for review.
The live Dashboard gives supervisors a look at what is happening with the patrol officers, the status of each vehicle and any alerts that may be triggered.
This is the GPS report by location. It tells us what vehicle was on your property, at what time and for how long.
This is your report view in REAL-TIME live data 24X7 you can see report entries updated as they are entered. You can view pictures and sort the data by any field.
This is what the officers see when they are making report entries into your database. Each entry is automaticaly timestamped by the system and stored for 2 years.
This is the data view the officers have of your database in real-time. Every other officer can see what is happening in every other database in REAL-TIME.
This is the data view the officers have of your database in real-time. Every other officer can see what is happening in every other database in REAL-TIME. This shows the image viewing ability of the system.
Every patrol to your property is VIDEO/AUDIO recorded digitaly. The videos are then copied to a server for storage. Only SSI offers this level of accountability.
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Video Recording of every patrol hit
GPS Tracking of every patrol officer
All electronic real-time reporting
Searchable online real-time reports
True automated delivery of electronic reporting, including metrics and statistics
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We have many statewide security patrol and security guard clients including; major Property Management firms, Hotels, School Districts and Municipalities. We have security guard operations serving North, Central and South Texas including; Austin, Dallas/FW, San Antonio, San Marcos, Corpus Christi, and Laredo.
When searching for Austin Security Companies, Sentry Security is your best choice for Security Guards on Standing Guard sites or Security Patrol and Courtesy Officers. We offer private security services statewide.
Second best is never good enough when it comes to security. Sentry Security's client's peace of mind comes from knowing that their assets, property, and lives are being protected with a sophisticated and dedicated security service. Today's ever-growing crime rate and budget restraints leave law enforcement struggling to provide preventative services. Private security is the only alternative for providing the uniformed presence that is known to deter crime. A professional, uniformed presence will help reduce costs associated with theft and vandalism and reduce liability & insurance claims.
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Private Security for communities, condos, town homes or high rise apartments is critical for a satisfactory living experience. Properties that lie within high crime areas of a city can find managing apartment security to be nearly overwhelming. Using private security companies like Austin based Sentry Security & Investigations can be helpful in reducing crime and vandalism. The results are a quantifiable improvement in the safety of your properties. Your tenants are safer and happier and support your efforts resulting in higher retention/occupancy rates.

A security assessment can conducted to understand the current state of physical security, lighting and policy and procedures. When it comes to burglary and other in-the-home crime, those that live in apartments are perhaps slightly more at risk than those that live in houses. One reason why apartment owners, or renters, are at greater risk than house owners is because of the possibility of unabated intruders wandering onto the property.

Probably the single most effective thing that you can do to improve your apartments security is to create, and participate in, neighborhood watch. Apartment buildings often have their own neighborhood watch groups; they are not just for streets or blocks. Neighbor looking out for neighbor is vital for security in an apartment complex and are an excellent supplement to private security guards and patrols.

Security Articles Tips and FAQs


Crime can happen at anytime, there are no schedules for break-ins, theft or property damage and as a result you must be prepared to protect yourself and your possessions. If you are away for an extended period you can arrange to have your mail held with. Have someone park their car in your driveway. Make arrangements for a friend or family member to stay in your house while you are away. Find out which of your neighbors is going to be home to keep an eye on things while others are away.

Remember Shut and lock all doors, even if you're only going out for a short time.  Make your home look occupied when you're away by using timers on radios and lights. Criminals will look for gifts in windows and even search trash bins for wrapping paper and receipts. To combat that don't wrap everything and have it sit under the tree.

Ensure you have an up to date list and photographs of your valuables and keep copies in a safe place. Get renters insurance, it is cheap, about $100.00 a year.

Hiring a private security company to patrol your home or apartment community is a good way to help prevent holiday crime. Sentry Security guards are available 24x7 for either standing guard or security patrol services. Sentry Security is one the most reliable Austin security companies you will find.


Office security can be broken down into two main areas:

1) protecting your office and employees from vandalism, theft, and personal attacks; and

There are many steps that can be taken to improve security, many of which require relatively inexpensive outlays. The best place to start when examining office security is the physical layout of the office itself, or the layout of the larger building of which the office is a part. SECURITY GUARDS Using security guards is an increasingly popular form of office security. Guards can be used in two ways: to monitor the front desk of a company or building the access control point ; or, to patrol the grounds of a larger company or office complex.

2) protecting your office from corporate sabotage, both from inside the company and out.

These three security objectives answer the questions: "Who sees the data?", "Has the data been corrupted?" and "Can I access the server or data when I need it?".

Get a full security audit and recommend changes in the operations of companies to make them less vulnerable to threats. Review the roles of building management and security personnel. We recommend starting with a comprehensive security risk analysis.

Since it is difficult for the company to suddenly implement all the correct security measure it becomes a good idea to contact a consulting firm that can offer industry know-how in protecting your corporate assets. Sentry Security is an Austin based security company that can deliver these private security services.


Security guards , also called security officers , patrol and inspect property to protect against fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism, and illegal activity. Security guards write comprehensive reports outlining their observations and activities during their assigned shift. Although all security guards perform essentially the same function, their specific tasks depend on whether they work in a static, or stationary, security position or on a mobile patrol. Guards assigned to static security positions usually stay at one location for a specified length of time. These guards must become closely acquainted with the property and people associated with their station and must often monitor alarms and closed-circuit TV cameras.

Security guards write comprehensive reports outlining their observations and activities during their assigned shift. The security guard's job responsibilities also vary from one employer to another. In department stores, guards protect people, records, merchandise, money, and equipment. In factories, laboratories, government buildings, data processing centers, and military bases, security officers protect information, products, computer codes, and defense secrets, and check the credentials of people and vehicles entering and leaving the premises. Armored car guards protect money and valuables during transit.

Courtesy Officer vs. Security Guard

- by Chris E McGoey, CPP, CSP, CAM

Is there a difference between a uniformed security guard and a courtesy officer on an apartment property? The name obviously...but their function is often identical. It seems that some apartment managers believe that calling a uniformed security guard a "courtesy officer" somehow reduces their exposure to civil liability. This belief canít be farther from the truth. The old saying applies here, If it looks like a duck, quacks like at duck, and walks like a duck...itís probably a duck. Call them what you will, but know that it s the security guard uniform and conduct that will define their true job function.

In practical terms, the primary difference between the two is that the contract security guard is employed by the contractor and not by you. The in-house courtesy officer is an employee of the property management company and usually lives on the premises. The courtesy officer may not be in traditional uniform and may only wear a logo shirt. There are advantages and disadvantages of both types. The biggest advantage of a courtesy officer over the contract worker is the ability to have them live on-site and get to know the property and residents better. Most carry a pager and can respond quickly. Many courtesy officers offer superior service and become very loyal to the property they protect.

Many courtesy officers are off-duty police officers, and with them come superior training and experience. However, don t assume that off-duty police officers know how to provide adequate security to an apartment property. Apartment security isnít taught at the police academy. Also, remember that off-duty police officers may be tired and may not want to wear another uniform or do a lot of foot patrol. However, many courtesy officers are mere civilians and can have the disadvantage of a lack of professional security or police training. Obviously, the training problem can be overcome with a little effort.

Contract Security Guard Service

- by Chris E McGoey, CPP, CSP, CAM

The question that Iím most often asked is, "How do I find a quality contract security guard service for a reasonable price that will perform the patrols responsibly?" To answer this question you must first accept certain facts as being true.

Accept the fact that the words "quality and reasonable price" are often contradictory terms. Accept the fact that paying the highest or lowest price for a contract security patrol officer doesn t always equate to the quality of service, although there are exceptions. Accept the fact that all contract security agencies are drawn from the same labor pool for potential employees. If your market area has high employment the security guard labor pool may be substandard. In fact, many poor quality security officers will drift between contract agencies until they exhaust the supply of employers. Security guards are often transient and this is the first job they find after hitting town. Because of this fact, it can become a kind of a crapshoot sometimes as the contract agency sends a different security officer to patrol your property each night.

So whatís the Solution?
As a rule of thumb, you can increase your options and success if you select a larger, established contract agency over a smaller one. A larger agency can usually replace no-shows or unacceptable officers, even at the last minute, because they have a larger pool of employees. Also, larger agencies tend to retain officers longer because they can offer better training and supervision, more benefits, and can provide a defined career path. This doesn t guarantee success however, you still need to accept or reject poor quality security guards when it becomes apparent that they are not meeting the challenge.

You can drastically improve your success potential by setting up strict patrol compliance standards as part of the written contract. These are usually called "post-orders." Post orders should be detailed and always in writing. They are given to each officer as the basis for how they are to service your property. Any breach of the post-orders could be grounds for not paying for the defective service, for replacing the officers, or for replacing the contract security agency. Long-term courtesy officers usually don t require post-orders but more of a detailed job description.

Specific post-orders might include, for example, a set time requirement for patrol such as one-hour of foot patrol, three times per night, and between 8:00 PM and 4:00 AM. You should require that the security officers patrol all areas of the property and to document their patrol pattern in detail. This can be done either with written activity logs or with the use of a watchmanís clock or similar device. Donít accept activity logs that merely state, "10:00 PM or 11:00 PM Ė all quiet." A proper activity log might state, "10:06 PM Ė Completed patrol of the south parking lot, one light burned out over parking space #256 or "10:14 PM Ė Checked the mail room, pool gate, laundry room, and bathroom door locks. All were secure."

Drive-through security patrols can be a waste of money if the security officer never stops or gets out of the car. Drive-through accounts rely on high visibility and therefore must spend time on a property to be really effective. Some contract security agencies will overbook drive-through accounts and thereby create a schedule that is impossible for the patrol officer to maintain. Because of this, some properties might get skipped altogether or receive only a high-speed pass through their property.

Here are some basic rules to follow to maximize contract security guard productivity:

Always read the fine print on the contract. You may be signing an indemnity clause in favor of the contract guard agency.
Always ask for a copy of their guard company license, and evidence of insurance coverage.
Request to be named as an "additionally insured" on their policy and indemnity from their negligent acts.
Always attach the detailed post-orders and patrol instructions as a contract addendum.
Always require that detailed written activity logs be submitted following the last patrol. Read them, act upon them, and file them for at least two years. Do not accept or pay for incomplete service.
Always require, in writing, that the security guard agency properly equip their officers with a full uniform, a hand-held radio or cell phone, a notebook and pen, a flashlight, and a vehicle if necessary.
Always require, in writing, that the contract agency will provide necessary background screening, and all training that is suitable for the site to be patrolled.
Always supply the security guards with an emergency call list and telephone access.
Always notify the residents how to the contact security guards when needed.
Communicate often with the security guard supervisors to get higher quality and service.
Do not settle or pay for poor performance or inappropriate behavior.

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